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Webinar IFMA Meets: Smart Services for a Smarter World

ifma veranstaltung


In this use case, we will explore the application of digital twins in maintaining optimal cooling conditions and ensuring efficient operations in a server room.

The digital twin is a powerful tool for integrating people, processes, and devices to deliver crucial outcomes. By leveraging the capabilities of the digital twin, we can effectively monitor the server room's temperature and quickly identify and address any deviations or potential failures. This proactive approach enables us to take immediate action and prevent significant consequences.

Furthermore, the digital twin supports automation, streamlining routine tasks and freeing resources for more critical activities. Additionally, it empowers decision-making by providing real-time insights and data analysis, allowing for informed choices and optimized performance.

Referent Shaun West, HSLU
Moderator Simon Ashworth, ZHAW IFM
Einleitung Isabelle Wrase, IFMA Schweiz

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Event Date 02.10. 2023 16:30
Event End Date 02.10. 2023 17:30
Location online

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